July 29th Central Florida Fairgrounds Ozzfest 98

so there we are, waiting in a log ass line just to get in to the fairgrounds, and im like its ok, we made it. bobby and derek were late getting to my house and bobby insisted on stopping at burger king on the way but there we were in the line at aout 10:30 and supposedly the show didnt start until 11. thats when i heard the sounds of a dj. and im like fuck, who's the first band today? and it occured to me that since lb was on mainstage and they were the the only other band with a dj that we were probably in trouble. then i hear a voice say, "good morning ozzfest, we are incubus" and like at once my whole crew went "oh fuck!". and then we heard the beginning of a certain shade of green. so we had to sit there and listen to half the set cursing the luck missing songs like favorite things, idiot box, and vitamin. it was torture. then as we're finally going through the gate we hear the beginnings of redefine, dereks favorite song. and since im a huge fan im hyped to see any song so derek and i go sprinting down the fairgrounds to get to the stage. and when we get there, its like heaven. we're like jumping up and down and worshipping every second of it singing along. they continue to play the rest of their set as we drooled. brandon was really high i think though. cos at one point he pointed up into the sky and said something along the lines of "look at that huge woman in the sky, only at ozzfest" in this really dreamy voice. it was funny as hell cos there was nothing there. anyway they finished with new skin and brandon stayed on an extra like 5 minutes with his ddjembe playing shit after the band left and then he just stopped and said thanks and left the stage. they were really good. and then later on they were walking around and no one noticed it was them and i got to shake their hands which was cool. and then they were at a booth and i got them to sign a poster. they were really fuckin nice guys too. not one of them was full of himself which is more than i can say for limp bizkit, but alas thats a different concert review all together and i must bid you all adeiu. go enjoy incubus live! trust me its worth it.